BASTRA offers a wide range of services in mechanical engineering. Our distinguished work is characterized by high skills, strong experiences and creative team-work.

We provide complete engineering services from the initial project feasibility analysis, to the complete technical design process ending up with prototyping and testing.

Our project works are located in the following areas:

– Automotive Engineering,
– Combustion Engine R&D,
– Motorcycle Engineering,
– Power Tool R&D,
– Industrial Machinery R&D

BASTRA is working on projects like i.e. cylinderhead design, valvetrain design, intake & exhaust system layout, NVH analysis, flow dynamics, cooling layout, e-drive control, sensor-actuator controls and more.


We give special attention to the CAE stage of R&D, in order to offer optimized technical solution and to increase efficiency of product development.


Using a wide range of CAE tools BASTRA is able to interface its services with clients standards and technical specifications.
BASTRA is working with state-of-art CAE tools like CAD, ECS, CFD, FEM, BEM, MBS.


We strongly care about the prototyping and testing stage of our projects as well. Our experience in performing accurate static and dynamic testings, allows us to evaluate and refine our projects.